UKMT Challenges


Welcome to the UKMT Competition site where you can log in to start your online Competition, practise a Competition or view markers feedback on your Olympiad solutions.

To start a Competition you will need to log in at the time instructed by your teacher/invigilator. After you log in you will be asked to enter your name and press save. You will then need to select your year group. Please then read the instructions carefully before pressing start. Once you press start your time will begin!

All your answers are saved as you select them. Once you are done you can close your browser, let the timer run to zero or click the 'I have finished' option below the last question.

To practise we have previous online Competitions and past papers complete with solutions for every Competition. You can select a Competitions from the UKMT website and access these via the links on the page. You can also order practice materials through the UKMT shop.

To view markers feedback on your Olympiad solutions you will need to log in using your unique student username and password, which your teacher holds.

Best of luck and thank you for supporting the UKMT!